Death Certificate Indonesia

Do you need a certified death certificate Indonesia, but are halfway around the globe? You may need this in case you are a relative of the deceased with pending insurance benefit claims, an insurance company who wants to verify a life insurance claim, for family records and archives, or simply a foreigner who wants to marry a widowed Indonesian national. Zele Investigators Indonesia can verify and deliver a certified death certificate Indonesia to your global doorstep. In Indonesia as in most countries, the local registrar issues and manages records of deaths. These are normally filed within 30 days of death. The official Death certificate is stored at the local registrar while records are archived and available at the national registrar. The following information must be provided to expedite the verification and issuance of an death certificate Indonesia. Normally only immediate family can obtain this.

  • Complete name of the deceased person
  • Date of death
  • Place of death
  • Complete name and address of the requesting party
  • Purpose of the certification

How to Get a Copy?

Anyone can get a copy of a death certificate directly from the registrar. The processing of death certificate requests can take anywhere from 5 days to 8 weeks. This depends on the type of request and whether you are getting it yourself or having it delivered. Death records usually include the following information about the deceased:

  • Name
  • Place of death
  • Full name of the hospital or institution (if death occurred there)
  • Date of death
  • Cause of death
  • Residential address
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Occupation
  • Birthplace
  • Birth date
  • Citizenship
  • Parents’ names (including mother’s maiden name)
  • Surviving spouse’s name and address (if any)

Please note, death certificates issued before about 1985 may not be in the main Jakarta office. Death certificates issued before 1985 may be at the local office only.

Death Certificate Indonesia

If you are hiring a private investigator Indonesia, it is a good idea to check their background and location, for there are many scams in Indonesia! Many Indonesia PI companies base in the United States, Malaysia or Singapore, not in Indonesia. The first step should be to make sure it’s possible to speak with someone that is actually in Indonesia! While these foreign private detective Indonesia may provide good service in their home countries, there is a major disadvantage to doing “long-distance” or “internet” investigations. These companies must normally subcontract their services. Without local agents or staff, it is difficult to control the quality and timeliness of their work. In addition, Filipino culture, customs, and laws are very different from other countries. The service costs outside Indonesia are also much higher. Why pay extra for a middleman?

Don’t be misled by big companies, fancy names, or bogus claims and trademarks! Make sure you can speak to someone that is actually located in Indonesia. Check customer references and samples of their work before you start. Zele Investigators Indonesia recommend the following:

Hiring a Private Investigator Indonesia Checklist

Only deal with companies actually located in Indonesia. Don’t hire someone whose office is in the US or Singapore, you’ll only be paying extra for a middleman that cannot control the quality of their subcontractor’s work. Why pay extra for a middleman?

  1. Be especially wary of any companies from Florida or Nevada. According to Consumer Fraud Reporting (, Florida has one of the highest consumer fraud rates in the US! 
  2. Verify company information such as the address and phone number. Some Indonesia private investigators claim to have offices in Indonesia, but really don’t. If they dont have a phone number in Indonesia, that is also trouble.
  3. Ask for and check customer references before hiring a Indonesia private investigator. For Zele Investigators Indonesia, you can see all our customer reviews on our Testimonials page or here.
  4. Check if they can provide redacted samples of their work. If they cannot, then they probably don’t have anything or are afraid to show you what they can do.
  5. Make sure they can communicate properly in English, and all Indonesian dialects.
  6. Don’t deal with companies that only accept bank transfers or Western Union. Make sure they provide standard universally accepted payment methods that provide consumer protection such as PayPal, Xoom, MoneyGram or credit card.
  7. Make sure your information is confidential and secure. Check to see that their websites have proper security and privacy technology.

Hiring a Private Investigator IndonesiaContact our Jakarta office to find out about hiring Indonesia private investigator. Don’t get caught out by scams in Indonesia!

Scams in Indonesia

Zele Investigators Indonesia have seen sharp increases in scams in Indonesia requests across the entire range of customers; domestic and foreign wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends, and even partners in same sex relationships. Furthermore, there are many warning signs to check for a possible cheating partner:

  • Frequent Trips to Indonesia
  • Unidentified Phone Calls, SMS messages, or Chat Sessions
  • Frequent Chat Messaging
  • Multiple Phones or SIM Cards
  • Phone Locks and Password
  • Computer Locks and Passwords
  • Unusual Cash Withdrawals or Credit Card Bills
  • Sending Money to Indonesia via Western Union, Xoom, Bank Transfers or Moneygram
  • Unexplained Money Transactions in Indonesia
  • Murky or Unknown Travel details
  • Inability to Reach Them While Travelling
  • Unusual or Unexplained Travel or Return Delays
  • Other Social Media Updates or Interactions

Is Your Partner In Indonesia?

Therefore, if your partner is in Indonesia on a business or holiday trip, good chances they have a girlfriend or mistress. In addition, it is very common for foreign married men to visit go go bars, clubs, discos and other places where friendly prostitutes are freely and widely available. With the low prices and wide variety of girls and services, it is not too difficult to understand their popularity.

As a result, the next time your partner is in Indonesia, contact us and we can help keep an eye on your partner. We can monitor what they do, where they go, who they meet, and if they are really being honest with you. If you don’t know exactly where they are staying, don’t worry just get us the flight details and we’ll monitor on their airport arrival. We will provide real-time updates as well as pictures and video. Finally, don’t get caught out, let us help you get the truth. To avoid scam investigations in Indonesia, you can also check on the following internet scammer lists.

scams in indonesia