Jakarta Private Investigator Business Due Diligence Investigations

Business opportunities and risks go hand in hand, especially in the emerging markets like in Indonesia. Transparency, business intelligence, and regulatory frameworks are not fully developed. Furthermore, our Jakarta Private Investigator Business Background services protects potential acquisitions, business transactions, loans,  joint business ventures, to verify partners, vendors, suppliers, competitors, and subcontractors. It is also useful when hiring high level executive or for other sensitive positions.

Our Indonesia Company Search and Due Diligence Service Options:

Zele Investigators Indonesia offer a wide range of options to meet your specific needs and budget. Here are some of the options:

  • Company Profile, including Products, Services, Competitors
  • Company Background
  • Business Registration. In addition, this includes the Owners, Directors, Shareholders, Capitalization and Other Details.
  • On-site Inspection and Operational Verification
  • Bankruptcy/Litigation Checks
  • Reputation/Integrity Checks
  • Asset/Bank Searchs (optional)
  • Local and Social Media Checks
  • Government and Regulatory Checks (KP)
  • Product/Service and Pricing Verification (optional)
  • Background Checks for the Corporate Officers and Directors (optional)

How We Work

Zele Investigators Indonesia provides comprehensive business intelligence and due diligence services so that you can obtain key information, protect your investments and make decisions with confidence when entering the emerging market of Indonesia. We triple-check company credentials and reputation, as well as investigate the background and track records of companies and their management when one of our clients are contemplating an investment or business relationship. In addition, Zele can also verify and confirm the accuracy of the business representations, including assets, operations and capabilities and red flag any potential discrepancies. Furthermore, we have been providing accurate and comprehensive professional investigations for many years.

Zele Indonesia is regularly hired by multinational corporations, small/medium enterprises, legal firms and consumers to get to the truth about businesses. Using high-tech tools as well as human intelligence and proprietary research techniques, our teams of Jakarta private investigator and analysts gather information from various public/private physical and digital sources for our comprehensive reports.

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