Insurance Investigation Indonesia

Insurance Investigation Indonesia is an on-going problem for all insurance companies and has reached epidemic proportions around the world. It is even higher in developing countries, such as in Indonesia and the SE Asia region. Furthermore, many insurance companies use proprietary methods of ranking and rating claims. However, in the end the most effective way of combating this problem is still aggressive on-the-street investigations run by private investigators that understand the local culture, customs and laws.

Our Insurance Investigation Indonesia Services

  • Life Insurance Claims
  • Travel Insurance and Baggage Claims
  • Disability Claims
  • Vehicle Accident
  • Health and Medical Claims
  • Other Injury Claims

How We Work

Our insurance claims investigators draw from our extensive insurance and intelligence backgrounds.  Zele Investigators offers a targeted, discreet approach by completing an in-depth insurance claim investigation, while maintaining correct procedures so important to uncover and present evidence that may be required for legal purposes.  In addition, they are positioned throughout Indonesia to provide prompt investigations for questionable travel, death or other insurance claims and are prepared to assist you in a prompt, professional and cost-effective manner. Furthermore, in most cases, we can complete a claims investigation in as little as 3 days. Through the use of intelligence work, video and photographic surveillance, our claim investigators provide insurance companies the means to properly assess and adjudicate potentially fraudulent claims. Zele Indonesia uses the following methods as part of our standard investigation process and procedures:

  • Police, Registrar and Hospital Verifications (if applicable)
  • Claimant and Witness Interviews
  • Document Verifications
  • Neighborhood Canvassing
  • Third Party Interviews and Transcripts
  • Route and Travel Checks
  • Receipt and Price Verifications
  • Scene Photos and Forensic Analysis

Furthermore, our field investigators help insurance companies uncover fraudulent death, travel, injury, loss and disability claims. Zele Investigators is the Indonesia insurance claim investigations agency that many foreign companies trust for their insurance claim investigation needs. In addition, Zele Indonesia can provide a service quote to suit your specific and budget requirements.

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