Private Investigation Indonesia| Why Conduct an Asset Search?

Our Private Investigation Indonesia Asset Search service uncovers the financial status of an individual or business.  An asset search is conducted for a number of reasons. For example, fraud investigation, judgment recovery, or business due diligence. In addition, it uncovers hidden assets for the purpose of child or alimony support, or case valuation-settlement.  Personal or company asset searches uncover the financial status and history of an individual or company. They are often used in premarital situations, divorce matters or other legal matters. They are also used in probate matters, where the assets of a deceased or incapacitated person are not fully known.

Types of Assets

  • Source of Income: The source of a someone’s income is part of our full asset check service. We use a variety of methods to uncover the sources of income, including tax and employment records.
  • Business Affiliation: Through a variety of means, we identify someone’s business affiliations, or associations with other businesses. For example, as partners, suppliers, staff or family.
  • Intellectual Property Ownership: Trademarks, patents, websites and domains owned by someone. Valuation information can also be provided.
  • Real Estate Ownership and History: Our real estate checks provide useful ownership, ownership history and mortgage information regarding properties. We can also provide valuation information based on tax and recent comparative sales transactions.
  • Vehicles: We obtain information regarding vehicle ownership, such as vehicle, trucks, motorbikes or other. We can also provide valuation information.
  • Aircraft and Watercraft : We locate aircraft and watercraft owned by someone. Asset value information may also be provided.
  • Bank Accounts: We conduct searches for bank accounts held in the name of an individual or business, our search is comprehensive and we use a variety of legal methods to locate as many accounts as possible.
  • Brokerage Accounts: Our brokerage account searches are discreet and locate someone’s investment accounts. We also provide information about the valuation.
  • Safe Deposit Boxes: We conduct searches for safe deposit boxes. 
  • Other Property: Other property, which may have value sufficient to pursue may include musical instruments, coin collections, art, stock certificate and other items.


Hidden Assets

Using a debit or credit from a foreign bank account is one way individuals and businesses can hide assets.  This method is so common that some governments, including the IRS and UK Tax Offices have established special programs to detect individual or business entities that maintain undeclared foreign accounts. Other personal asset strategies involve concealing assets by commingling them with business or other assets.  This is often called a ‘zebra’ strategy. There are also companies that provide so-called Asset Protection Services that help setup special corporate entities to hide assets, using proxy owners, directors and shareholders. 

Our Asset Search Services

Our private investigation Indonesia teams use a combination of different techniques to help identify and locate financial and physical intelligence about any assets.  Furthermore, they have access to a broad range of sophisticated on-line databases, forensic analysis, surveillance and investigation resources that provide us with access to critical information on individuals and businesses. We also have access to a network of highly trained professionals, which enables us to compile the most complete reports possible on individual and business assets. Zele Indonesia Private Investigators use the most effective techniques and strategies for the individual situation and develop the best information possible in the most cost effective manner. In addition, our Indonesia private investigator teams conduct our asset searches in-house and do not outsource our asset checks. Contact us to discover the secrets that you need to know: fast, safe, accurate and affordable.
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