Missing Persons Indonesia Investigations

Looking for an old friend, loved one, missing partner, family or others can be overwhelming, especially if you are searching internationally.  There are plenty of free online resources, but Indonesia is still a new economy with developing infrastructure, so much of the information that is so easy to get in your home country, is difficult or not possible to get in Indonesia. That is why we offer the Missing Persons Indonesia Investigation services. Zele can help you find anyone – anywhere in Indonesia!

Our Indonesia Missing Persons Service

Our  Indonesia Missing Persons investigation service will help you find someone anywhere in Indonesia. Zele Indonesia private investigators use the most advanced technologies, and a series of techniques called skip tracing to help you find someone.  We will go many steps further using follow-up addresses, email and phone tracing, citizen, voter, and other registrar databases, posting rewards, and other useful sources. 

  • Civil Documents and Registration Sources
  • On-the-Ground Human Intelligence
  • Friend/Family Interviews
  • Local Media Checks
  • Internet/Social Media Checks
  • Email Trace
  • Immigration/Travel Checks
  • Local Government
  • Police Criminal Record Checks/RTP
  • Phone Trace
  • Posting Rewards
  • Message Boards
  • Other Proprietary Resources

Our field investigators use the utmost care with the latest technologies and provide video and photographic evidence whenever possible. Finding a person may also involve using online resources and computer databases. In addition, if you give us someone’s full name, picture or physical description, last known contact/address details, and any other personal details, we can get a field investigator started within 24 hours. It may take some time to locate them, but your Zele case manager will keep you updated throughout the investigation. Furthermore, Zele Investigators Indonesia can also offer rewards for information leading to the location of someone, but we normally wait until all other steps have been exhausted. If you need assistance, please send us more details so that we can properly assess.

Missing Persons Indonesia